2 Cases 32 fl.oz. Pure Mangosteen Juice, Qty-12 bottles

Information about Mangosteen and Mangosteen Queen Juice What is Mangosteen and Mangosteen Queen Juice? Mangosteen is primarily a Southeast Asian fruit. The skin of the mangosteen fruit is semi-smooth with a leathery texture and ranges from light to deep purple in color. The Mangosteen fruit pulp is so delicious that it is known for being "Queen Victoria's Favorite Fruit". In some areas of the world it is also has the reputation as being "Food of the God". The health benefits of Mangosteen are intertwined in its properties that combine Xanthones, Bioflavonoids, Phytonutrients, and Enzymes. Mangosteen has the most Xanthones of any plant found in nature. Xanthones are powerful anti-oxidants. Out of the approximately two hundred Xanthones known to man, the Mangosteen possesses forty-three of them. And Mangosteen Queen Juice made from the whole mangosteen fruit itself is the premier dietary supplement loaded with these powerful antioxidants. Anti-oxidants help strengthen and protect your body's immune system. Free radicals that circulate in your body cause a constant deterioration of your bodily function. Anti-oxidants neutralize these free radicals that are so destructive to you. Based on my experience the Mangosteen Queen Juice possess an amazing ability to help fight off allergies, susceptibility to the flu virus, and a host of other troublesome illnesses that seem to come to our lives like clockwork. Maladies rob us of our health and vitality. It causes frustration, sleep disorder, as well as costing us financially. And it affects those around us whether directly or in-directly. I believe that depending on the individual, Mangosteen Queen can help reduce or eliminate most physical ailments a person not born with has. Mangosteen Queen equally helps animals such as dogs and cats as well. People that have taken Mangosteen Queen Juice as a nutritional supplement report unsolicited comments made by others that they look ten years younger, as well as the regular reporting of pains in the body subsiding or having been completely eliminated. A General feeling of having more energy and stamina is reported by others. Having taken mega vitamins enhanced with DHEA for years for a diminishing libido has done very little for me except for some temporary improvement in my health that would quickly subside as soon as I missed a day's dose. Consequently, after it dawned on me that mangosteen juice has helped me like no other, I have completely stopped taking these expensive vitamin supplements and just try to eat meals that by the end of the day amount to a balanced one. Even my sister-in-law said that after trying Mangosteen Queen Juice for the first time and before finishing the first bottle, the thick mucus in her throat that has plagued her every morning has subsided. Animals are also the ultimate proof that Mangosteen Queen Juice works**. An example of this is a dog named Bailey. She has the most loving owner a pet could ever want. Bailey ate the best dog food and received the best care from her owner plus regular trips to the Veterinary Clinic. In spite of the best care, Bailey suffered from a seemingly incurable malaise that only mangosteen juice could cure. Bailey had small bumps over most of her body that seem to be eating her alive! Bailey looked miserable and itched all over to the point that she would chew on herself until she was bloody. The stench emanating from Bailey's body was overwhelming even though she was given a bath periodically. She was so lethargic that all playfulness in her life disappeared. Now Bailey is OK and on her way to recovery. Please bear in mind though that since mangosteen juice comes from a fruit it does not qualify as a drug and therefore does not undergo the same rigorous testing as a drug by the Food and Drug Administration. So no matter what mangosteen juice can do to help a person or animal, mangosteen will probably never be classified as a drug and thus not be able to claim intention to treat, cure, or prevent disease. Click here: http://mangosteenjuice.ws/mangosteen_juice_002.htm to see a visual of Bailey's Fantastic Journey on how drinking Mangosteen Queen Juice improved the quality of her life so quickly. Mangosteen Queen Juice is so pure and natural that it's the closest in taste that you are going to get in a fruit favorite that was so revered by Queen Victoria. For more detailed information pertaining to the mangosteen and the health benefits it provides, please visit our Garcinia Mangostana/Mangosteen informational website at http://www.garcinia-mangostana.Info. There you will find an additional gallery, a more in-depth look at this majestic fruit, plus links to enter the wonderful world of the Mangosteen fruit and the impressive qualities it possesses. Larger orders please inquire by emailing us for pricing.
2 Cases 32 fl.oz. Pure Mangosteen Juice, Qty-12 bottles
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