10 Cases 32 fl.oz. Pure Mangosteen Juice, Qty-60 bottles

If you are a doctor perhaps you are already more experienced than other doctors at using a holistic approach, and would like to broaden your ability to help others even more. Let me introduce to you in case you have not heard or read about a truly magnificent fruit that comes primarily from Southeast Asia. This is a fruit that has been used medicinally for hundreds of years, and recorded history dates it back as far as the Ming dynasty. Few people are aware of its healing qualities though. "Queen Victoria" revered this fruit as her favorite. And in some areas of the world it is also known as the "Food of the God" or "Queen of Fruits". I am talking about the only substance that can be found in nature which has the highest Xanthone content; the lion's share, bar none. It is called the Mangosteen. Xanthones could be described as anti-oxidants that help neutralize cell damaging free radicals which circulate in our body. The effect when mangosteen is ingested is that of a near miracle healing of the entire body. Mangosteen aids by strengthening our immune system, plus it gets rid of or reduces inflammation and other body ailments. It is not only great at detoxification, but possibly the very best at it. Mangosteen during clinical trials has proven to kill intra-cellular bacteria and other stubborn diseases like human colon DLD-1 and SKBR3 breast cancer cells through apoptosis. This capability alone to fragment the DNA of tumors makes the Mangosteen worthwhile of your investigation. Side effects tend to be: we sleep better, feel better, and look younger. Yearly bouts with the flu or allergies that come like clockwork completely disappear just by drinking mangosteen juice sparingly. Mangosteen juice works for both in human and animals. Mangosteen is not considered a drug, and neither is Mangosteen Queen Juice, but works as a natural medicine. The scientific name for Mangosteen is Garcinia mangostana L., and Mangosteen Queen is made of pure and natural organic certified garcinia mangostana whole fruit only. It is flash pasteurized and bottled right here in the USA. Since mangosteen is a fruit it does not undergo the same efficacy a drug would as required by the FDA, hence cannot claim to treat, prevent, or cure diseases. The proof however, is in testimonials. Mangosteen Queen Juice works for both in humans and animals. To suit an animal's taste, the mangosteen juice can be mixed with canned or fresh food. Dear Reader, I believe that once you try our mangosteen juice product, or if you are a doctor; in your practice, it will delight you with positive results. Large orders please inquire by emailing us for cost of shipping.
10 Cases 32 fl.oz. Pure Mangosteen Juice, Qty-60 bottles
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